Who doesn’t love cute prints on their top? We know what you’ll love even more… SALE! We got both of our tops from H&M. It’s simple, it’s cute, and it’s ย affordable.

All couples have their own inside jokes and for us, it’s teasing each other “monkeys”. It started when we were just friends. We have always found each other’s ears cute and fun to pinch. (Hahaha!) Plus, we love bananas!



When we saw these pullovers, it reminded us of this inside joke and we both said to each other, “We have to get these!”. We decided to style it playfully, matching it with ย white Jordan’s (Treszka) and navy blue Timberland’s sneakers (Mark). We also matched the outfit with eye glasses, giving a geeky look. The pigtails gave it a little kick.


We chewed on some gum to balance the geeky feeling with a little bad ass feeling. It’s really important to feel what you wear so you can rock them. We love this look because even though it gives a fun look, it makes us feel like rebels.

Feel what you wear and wear what you feel.


Treszka & Mark


Photography: Van Photographs/ Jose Giovanni Castillo
Instagram: treszkaoliveria/ markoliveria


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