A Taste of Korea

Whenever we’re in Laguna, there’s always one place we make sure to dine in- Seoul Kitchen, a Korean casual dining restaurant located just outside UPLB. Seoul Kitchen really do make you feel like a part of you is in Seoul.









1Seoul Kitchen used to be a small place which fits only four 4-seater tables, and always packed. Last September, they have moved to a bigger place. They have maintained the cool and relaxing ambiance. There were still fun decorations, Korean pop music and Korean fun facts displays. It was still as cute as it was- only bigger. Students mostly fill up the place, although it also has its share of non-student patrons.


We ordered our all time favorite Tuna Kimbap and Cheese Rapokki. Kimbap is made of steamed white rice with carrots, cucumber and egg. It is a very popular dish in Korea, often eaten during picnics and outdoor events. Seoul Kitchen’s Tuna Kimbap is aaaaa-maaaa-zing! Even the non-sushi lovers end up loving it. The fish is cooked! If you are one of those who hate anything half-cooked or uncooked, this one will be good for you.


Cheese Rapokki can be compared to spaghetti, but it’s more than just spaghetti, it has rice cakes (Mark’s favorite! He likes to call it gummy bears.) and is topped with melted cheese. A friendly reminder: if you are not a fan of spicy food, Cheese Rapokki may not win your heart. It is hot, hot, hot! It is best paired with Tuna Kimbap because they wonderfully balance each other’s flavor.


We also decided to try dishes- Salad Pasta, Matcha and Oreo Bingsu. We were hesitant with Salad Pasta at first. We thought, Salad Pasta? Isn’t it going to have an awkward taste? Is it more on Salad, or more on Pasta? Well, it’s both! We’re so glad we tried it. The salad, the pasta and the sauce cum dressing blended and complemented each other really well. It is definitely worth a try.


The Matcha could go to an international level. It can be placed alongside international coffee chains products like Starbucks’ Green Tea Crème Frappuccino- seriously. It is so refreshing.


Oreo bingsu is almost like halohalo. It is made from shaved ice, ice cream, milk, oreo and chocolate syrup. It is perfect for summer. Like all the dishes we have ordered, Oreo bingsu also captured our hearts (and taste buds).

Our bill for a full course meal? Less than 1,000 PHP. Their rates are perfect for students and for people on the budget. You get value for your money.


Visit them at 9005 Pearl Corner FO Santos Street, Umali Subdivision, Los Banos, Laguna




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