Dark Flowers





You can never go wrong with black. It’s easy to pair it with shoes and accessories; in this case, I paired it with black again. Haha! This look made me feel like a part of one of my favorite TV series, Pretty Little Liars. If you’re familiar with them, at the intro of each episode, there are four girls wearing all-black clothes and they have expressions on their faces as if they’re saying “we’ve done bad things and we keep dark secrets”.

I do not like over spending on clothes. There are people who wear affordable clothes but carry it excellently and there are people who buy expensive clothes but cannot bring justice to the price they paid for. It’s not the price, it’s how you flaunt it. I got my hat from a supermarket for only PHP 150. Haha! My body con dress is from Zara, a gift from my mother in law. My shoes are from Badong; I bought it three years ago for my 18th birthday for only PHP 450. The quality? Still perfect even if I have already used it a lot of times. It’s my favorite high heel shoes because it goes with a lot of my outfits and it’s easy to walk in them, too.



Top- H&M | Pants- H&M | Shoes- Aldo

Floral is not only for the ladies. This look gave me an opportunity to prove that a little touch of feminine can make you feel even more masculine. It’s all about balance, right?

Floral printed outfits are best paired with plain colors, making the floral print stand out. The times when we think of women wearing a gorgeous floral ensemble when we hear the word “floral” are over. Men are here to dominate the floral world.



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