Our little Taziana is definitely a water-loving baby. She loves bath time. She enjoys having her baths in a baby tub at our small back yard. Whenever she seems a little cranky, we fill her tub with bath toys and let her play with water for a while. Then, we get the cutest smiles from her!

She has recently discovered more fun in swimming. Summer is the perfect time for her to go swimming. We love seeing her having lots of fun but we also want to protect her skin.


We like using Skin Freshener, After sun spray and Very high protection sun lotion from Mustela. Mustela is known to be one of the best skin care products for your baby because it is free from any harmful chemicals and are specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin. All her toiletries are from Mustela, too.

We give Taziana a little mist of Skin Freshener to give her a cool, refreshing feeling in the middle of a hot, summer day. She smells really good after using this! Even babies need a little freshener this season. After Sun Spray revitalizes baby’s skin after being exposed to the sun. Baby’s skin is extra sensitive so they also need extra loving.Very High Protection Sun Lotion protects her skin without giving her that sticky feeling.



Taziana’s joy is also ours. We will always treasure these moments with her; seeing her explore new things and seeing her having so much fun. Time really flies. She is getting bigger and bigger with a curiosity for the adventures of the world. For us, we’re just here to guide her and be with her all the way.



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