Knowing Love: Fun Facts About Us

We are all constantly getting to know love. It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating or married. Everyday, love will always introduce itself in new ways. Even people who have been together for many years still learn more about each other and are persistently craving to know what love really is. If you google the definition of love, google will give you thousands of different definitions. Everyone is in a hunt to find out what love is, why does it hurt, why does it give a person peace, why does it empower a person to reach their dreams? Love is universal.We are still knowing more about each other everyday. Through every experience, we learn something new about love. Through the experiences of others, we learn, too. We would like to share this journey with you. Our new blog series Knowing Love will be all about relationships. It will be about new things we have discovered, marriage, and our friendship.

For our first post on this series, we are sharing with you, fun facts about each other and our relationship. It was really fun writing this. There are things we didn’t know we notice about each other. Hahaha!


10 Fun Facts about Mark:

  1. He loves bananas. Seriously. He can finish 4-5 bananas a day. There’s no such thing as “stocking on bananas” in our house because it barely lasts a few days.
  2. Mark is a skater. My skater boyyy!
  3. Mark is sen-si-tive. I had to be extra cautious during the first stages of our relationship. Does it cause fights? Nope. I handle it smoothly, baby. Haha!
  4. Mark has curly hair & he loves styling it. He even spends time watching youtube tutorials about hairstyling. My favorite is when he does his “bad boy” kind-of-spiky hair.
  5. Mark is a fan of Korean actors. Whenever we’re watching K dramas, he would scream for the hot guys. He would take notes on their style and hair, of course. They are one of his inspirations. He used to be a huge Super Junior fan too.
  6. He doesn’t eat onions and tomatoes but if you sneak it in his food, he would still eat it and he can barely tell it’s there.
  7. He used to be really fat in grade school. He used to get teased about it. He dropped the weight when he was in Grade 7.
  8. He can finish a whole box of pizza. Maybe even more. He is in love with pizza.
  9. Mark likes being cuddled. I might be more expressive on Social Media but Mark is a bigger baby.
  10. He is a modern gentleman. How lucky can I get?! This guy would always open the door for me, pour water in my glass, pull out the chair for me, gives me his jacket when it’s chilly, and a whole lot more. Ladies, these are the little things you should look for and appreciate in a guy. They don’t come around often anymore.


10 Fun Facts about Treszka

  1. She loves singing while taking a bath. In fact, she had a concert when she was at the age of 11 and even has her own poster!
  2. She plays League of Legends and for a girl, she is a good player. She influenced me into playing League of Legends and I got into it. Haha.
  3. She had her cooking skills hidden for a long time. She never really liked cooking because she would rather have me cook for her but since I always ask her to start cooking, on special occasions such as valentines days, she searches for food to cook using the internet and ends up cooking a really really REALLY DELICIOUS dish!
  4. Treszka loves surprises and seeing her happy because of my surprises makes me really happy.
  5. She dislikes potatoes. She got sick of eating potatoes because she used to eat tons of french fries when she was young.
  6. She never hides anything from me. This is what I love about her and this is why I trust her. Whenever she did something such as talking to a guy whom I don’t even know, she tells me and ensures that there is nothing to worry about.
  7. When it comes to meeting new people, especially when meeting my friends or family, she is not the type of person who keeps quiet and listen to our stories or what we talk about. She socialises and tell them embarrassing stories about me! Which is fine with me. Haha.
  8. She wants to be a racer when she gets a car. How cool is it to have a wife who races? Although I’m a little scared of what may happen, I still support her on what she wants.
  9. She is scared of cats. REALLY SCARED OF CATS.
  10. When she was pregnant, she never gave me a hard time in terms of her mood swings and sensitivity.


10 Fun Facts about our relationship

  1. We have never EVER screamed or shouted at each other. You know those movie scenarios where the couples shout at each other and there would be door-slamming? We’ve never had that. All our fights seem to be really chill. Hahaha! “I got upset because…” “I am sorry if…”
  2. We used to play League of Legends together. We don’t play as often anymore since I (Treszka) use all my extra time (if I had any) to rest (if baby lets me). Motherhood takes a lot of energy!
  3. We were friends since we were 11 years old.
  4. We always have to eat together. If ever there are cases when one has to eat first (because one has to be on baby duty), we still have to stay beside each other.
  5. We love watching K dramas.
  6. We always fix any misunderstandings before we go to sleep. No sleeping angry!
  7. Our hearts are guarded. We do it to protect our marriage. We’ll share more about that next time.
  8. It used to be really awkward to talk to each other in Tagalog. Even if we had other friends around, we would talk to them in Tagalog but talk to each other in English. We use Tagalog more often now.
  9. We regularly evaluate each other as partners. We’ll talk more about this next time, too. 🙂
  10. When we were just friends, we used to make a bet. Whoever gets the most beautiful or handsome baby should get a free out of the country tour. We would playfully tease each other, “choose your spouse wisely. Choose someone who would give you a good looking baby”. We ended up having a baby together. HAHAHAHA

Okay guys, let’s play a game of tag! Post a picture of your partner or a picture of you guys together on instagram. Share 5 fun facts about your partner and 5 fun facts about your relationship. Tag all of your favorite couples. You can use #KnowingLove .

To our friends who have encouraged us to start this series, thank you. Let’s know more about love together.


Treszka & Mark



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cza says:

    I’ve been browsing your posts non-stop and what can I say, I really love your dedication to writing about your relationship and sharing your experiences. Truly inspiring! I’d love to do this challenge with my partner, even though I know it’s an old post, hehe. God bless you two always!


    1. Hiiiii! Wow, it was good to look back on this post. What a great idea to make this come back to life. Hehehe. You and me can do this together. Message me on facebook and I’ll make a facebook post then I’ll tag you. Hehehe. Let’s see what happens. If no one else takes the challenge, at least you and I had fun? Hehehe. I’ll wait for your PM.

      Thank you soooo much for your love, it means so much to me. God bless you!

      Liked by 1 person

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