Being a mom requires you to give a lot of your time for your family and sometimes, this means less time for yourself. To me, giving my all to my family makes me feel complete; it makes me feel happy. Sure, it can be kind of stressful, but it is worth every effort.

I never got enough sleep ever since I had Taziana in my tummy. I always had nightmares and nasty heartburns in the middle of the night, making it very hard for me to get a good night’s sleep. It got even harder when I gave birth; Taziana would just nurse, nurse and nurse (and a lot of pooping in between)! My longest sleep, or should I say nap, lasted for 45 minutes. I always felt like a zombie. Seriously, I needed to rest. In the morning, Mark would hold Taziana and let me take a nap but then again, that nap would only last a while until she needs to nurse again. Months passed by and things slowly got easier. Taziana sleeps for 1-2 hours straight now but would sometimes still keep me up at night. What can I do? She is a baby with a big appetite for milk! She is breastfed so she digests milk a lot easier compared to formula fed babies but we can talk about breastfeeding next time.

So, Taziana often dozes off by 10 pm, would wake up at 12 am, nurse every hour until she wakes up at 5 am. If we’re lucky, she would wake up at 7 am. 7 hours of sleep doesn’t sound so bad until you only get bits and parts of it. In short, it has been about a year since I got myself a full night sleep. Even with the exhaustion, I get strength from Taziana and Mark’s good morning kisses. It makes me excited to start my day.


Top- Divided H&M | Bag- Vinci | Handle Wrap- Oh my bag PH | Shoes- Pinay Hoarder

I used to really make time in doing my hair and makeup; it used to be something that I truly enjoy. Well, I still do but sometimes, I would rather use my time in taking longer breaks (whenever Taziana permits me to haha!) or preparing Taziana and Mark’s stuff. Most of the time, I would go out in a “lazy day” outfit, light makeup and pulled back hair. I still want to look like I exerted a bit of effort into my look so sometimes, I toss in a couple of accessories. But, today I decided to let my bag wear the accessory for me. I twisted a handle wrap around the grip of my bag.

As I always say, I do not have a specific style. I wear what I feel and feel what I wear. There’s nothing wrong in wearing something more laid back than your usual look as long as it’s what gives you more comfort. We all have days when we have to tone it down a little.



Special thanks to Oh my bag PH for the handle wrap. 🙂




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  1. Rhona Lamarid says:

    I feel youuu. This accurately describe the sacrifices and unconditional love of a mother 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! It might be tough but our love gives us so much strength. 🙂 yay to us mommies!


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