When I was younger (I am still young okay? I mean, when I was A LOT younger) and was still exploring the art of dating (I wasn’t such a pro, to be honest. Hahaha!), I was the type of person who easily gets jealous, selfish (Yes, sucks to admit), and pretty much rebellious. I used to lie often whenever I go out with friends and come home late.  I was not the best version of me. But things changed when I started dating Treszka.

When Treszka and I were dating, I did everything to make her happy. I took her out on dates often, travelled from Naga to Manila just so I can make it up to her whenever we have misunderstandings (I used to study in Bicol and she studied in Manila), called her frequently till bed time (I usually sing for her until she falls asleep).

When we got married, we were so much happier and we had more adventures for us but there were adjustments for me.  As a husband, it is my responsibility to lead when problems arise especially during misunderstandings. I had to make decisions not just for myself but for my family. As a husband, I have to be understanding despite the problem that I am in. I started to become more selfless and always listened to Treszka’s side of the story; how she feels, her struggles and how I could make her feel better. It was not an easy adjustment for me, everything seemed new. Being a husband is a 24/7 duty but it is something I really enjoy.

I enjoy taking her out on dates such as eating in a restaurant or going to movies , doing chores together and also going out for a swim. And as for today, we went for a dip! We spent the entire day at Royal Palm Resort here in Laguna with our family. The heat was blazing and it was the perfect day to go out, eat fresh fruits and go swimming.  I wore a pink tank top today just to try something different. I feel really comfortable with my outfit since its flaming hot in the Philippines. It is different from what I usually wear but today, I chose comfort over style but I think I got them both (wink). Also, I’ve been really enjoying in using my Havaianas Limited Edition Duffle Bag. It is my go-to bag this summer especially that I spend a lot of my time going to the gym and going out on summer outings. If we talk about style, I think this bag is easy to match with any casual outfit that you are wearing.


Outfit: Tank top (Bench Body) Shorts (Bench) Shoes (Toms) Sunglasses (Sunnies Studios) Duffle Bag (Havaianas) Watch (CAT)

Two thumbs up for Sunnies Studios affordable and fashion-forward eye wear. I will definitely come back for more.




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