We first heard about cloth diapers from our mum, Thea. When she was about to give birth to our baby sister, Tamika, she didn’t want her to use disposable diapers. She wanted to use something earth friendly. She said, “Imagine how many diapers a baby use in a day and for how many years she’s going to keep on wearing them”. She originally wanted to use lampin. Lampin is a piece of white cloth or gauze that was used as a diaper in the olden days. Well, not that olden, probably the days of our parents and grandparents.  It’s still out in the market today and some people still use it but most still opt for diapers. Since it is just a piece of cloth, it gets wet as soon as baby pees. That’s why we were kind of surprised that mum wanted to use lampin instead of diapers.

So, mum wanted to purchase lampin online and while looking for the perfect product, she came across cloth diapers. She purchased a few and eventually almost loved collecting them. All the cute designs are worth obsessing over!

A few months before Taziana was born, we were already preparing all her things. We were inspired by our mum to use cloth diapers. Here are a few reasons why:




  1. We save extra cash– a cloth diaper can cost around 180 PHP to 400 PHP. Diapers and inserts may be bought separately but they usually come with both. They come with different types of inserts: bamboo, charcoal and hemp blend; each type has different levels of absorbency. If we have at least 20 pieces of cloth diapers and a piece would cost about 300 PHP, we have spent 6,000 (roughly) on cloth diapers. And, Taziana can use it until she turns 2! No weekly purchases of big packages of disposable diapers.
  2. No rash– Taziana is turning 9 months old and we have never had a problem with nappy rashes. The material of cloth diapers is more compatible with baby’s smooth and sensitive skin.
  3. Cute & stylish– Uh-huh! All those prints are so adorable! Taziana doesn’t need to wear a panty over her diaper because the diaper already adds an “umph” to her style. Haha!
  4. Earth friendly– as our mum would say, how many disposable diapers are you going to consume in a day? How many days in her life would she wear diapers? Babies use around 4-6 diapers a day. They can’t really have their bums soaked in wet diaper because it would result to rashes or worse, UTI (urinary tract infection). They are probably going to use diapers until they turn 2 years old. Let’s say a baby only uses 4 diapers in a day, that’s 2,920 disposable diapers! Imagine how much that is!
  5. Long term use– we started using cloth diapers when Taziana turned 6 weeks old. If you’re a parent, you know that during the first few weeks of a baby, her poo would be really dark (meconium) and they poo very often. We didn’t mind washing cloth diapers but we didn’t want the cloth diapers to be stained. Our baby sister started using cloth diapers when she was also 6 weeks old and is still using the same cloth diapers today. She is turning 2 years old on November.
  6. Hand-me-down– We know, “hand-me-down diapers?!”. It can sound a bit weird but it’s really okay to use hand-me-down diapers. Since they are carefully and thoroughly washed, they are super clean. We only spent 1,500 PHP on cloth diapers, the rest of our collection came from gifts and a few hand-me-downs. They’re still absorbent and the quality didn’t change much.
  7. Adjustable– It has adjustable snaps so you can change the diaper size according to your baby’s comfort.





  1. You have to do the laundry at least twice a week.
  2. When you go outside and baby wets her diaper, you’ll have to bring the wet diaper around until you get home. Well, there are wet bags available. You can place the wet diapers in them and keep it in a safe place until you get home.
  3. You’ll have to wash off the poop. Yup, when baby poops, you’ll have to hand wash the poop off before actually putting it in the washing machine. It might sound disgusting now, but having a baby means a lot of encounter with poopies. Hahaha! You’ll get used to it.

Overall, we would still say that using cloth diapers is better than using disposables. It may have a few cons but the advantages still over power them. We also love how cute Taziana look in different prints!


We order our cloth diapers from Thrifty Mama Shoppe.

Facebook- Thrifty Mama Shoppe

Most of our cloth diapers are gifts but they are all purchased online. The brands we use are Sun Baby, Earth Baby & Alva.

What do you think about cloth diapers? Would you consider using them?



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