About a week ago, SM Stores hosted an online competition sporting their line. The mechanics were simple; just post an OOTD picture of yourself wearing at least one SM Store product, compose a creative caption and then tag them. There are different categories of OOTD’s to choose from: patterns on patterns, color blocking and athleisure.  It would totally make us happy if we win, but the process of exploring different styles is something we really enjoyed.

It was our first time to venture to the more colorful side of fashion. Although we have varieties of colors in our wardrobe, it was the first time that we went all out. We matched different vibrant colors and disregarded the rules “this color only matches this color”, “you cannot wear this color with that color”.  We have to say that it was a success. As we always say, we wear what we feel and feel what we wear.  We stepped out of the comfort zone and it was so worth it.

With so much sincerity, we can say that SM stores truly has one of the best collections in the country. We never talk about brands we do not believe in and SM stores are worth the brag. Their fashion line is always updated, the quality is at the top and you get more than what you pay for. The best part is- IT IS FOR EVERYONE. That’s why all the members of The Oliverias love wearing them.

A quick story for you guys: Taziana turned 9 months last June 12! 3 more months until she hits 1 and we are super thrilled. Taziana used to be a high maintenance baby. Meaning, she likes being carried a lot and she was not very much accustomed to socializing. There were only a few people that she enjoyed hanging out with. But recently, we have noticed that she loves being put down on her ride (her walker haha!) and running around with her aunts and uncles (her aunts and uncles are around 1-7 years old only). Her socializing skills have also greatly improved. She’s growing up rapidly. She now knows how to play and sometimes even loves borrowing her playmates’ toys.

As for us (Mark & Treszka), we have recently encountered a trial that we can proudly say has strengthened our relationship more. The trial gave us a chance to get to know each other in a different level. And yes, as we always say, love is constantly learning about new things and sometimes, knowing more about your partner. We praise God for putting us under that situation. During that time, we realized that we were slowly and unconsciously starting to become selfish. It is a big blessing that we were given a trial that helped us both improve as a husband and a wife. We think that’s the main purpose of challenges: so we could grow together and become better versions of ourselves. That’s when you know that a trial is healthy; it is constructive and not destructive.

We’ll end this post by saying that our lives are currently as vibrant and colorful as the outfits that we are wearing. Hahaha! Sure, sometimes it feels a little dull. But like the popular saying, “there is always a rainbow after the rain”, we end up being more “colorful” after gray days.
















The Oliverias




So, what do you think about our colorful outfits? Get in touch with us through our social media accounts. We’d love to make more friends and get to know you!

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  1. gvcaplas says:

    I’m absolutely a fan of The Oliverias now! Love the family spirit that you have! Let’s spread good vibes and like the vibrant colors of your clothes here, let’s add more color to the world! :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Your words are really heartwarming! Thank you so much. 🙂 💜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. gvcaplas says:

        You deserve it! :)) ♡.♡

        Liked by 1 person

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