This is a question I get asked often. When I was pregnant, people were always surprised. “What?! You are pregnant?!” “You look like  you just had a meal” “”I’m the one who looks pregnant, not you” But now that I have given birth, more common reactions are “Did you really give birth?” “I didn’t even have that body even before having a baby” “What do you do?!” I get a lot of questions; what I do, what I eat, what’s my workout program. There are a lot of topics to touch but in this post, I am going to cover the “general” parts of it. Let’s start with prenatal fitness.


During Pregnancy

First trimester was hard for me. I almost had a miscarriage and was advised to take as much rest as I could. Unlike other moms who crave and “eat like a man”, I was the opposite. I resisted a lot of food and would only eat what I craved for. All other food would make me want to throw up. Pregnancy will always make changes in your body, a part of it is gaining weight. When I was pregnant, I thought to myself that I want to remain fit and healthy. I used pregnancy as an inspiration to stay healthy for me and my baby. As my pregnancy progressed, Taziana became safer and safer in my womb. I was given the permission to workout by my ob-gyne.

  • I didn’t allow cravings to control my diet– I craved for the most wicked thing: sweets. I would crave for other junk but sweets just take over my mind. If you know anything about craving in pregnancy, it’s pretty much like not being able to sleep without having the taste of what you are craving for. What I did was, I let myself have a taste of what I craved for. I’ll have a bite or two and that is it. I was also practicing self control because I didn’t want Taziana to grow so big that I wouldn’t be able to give birth normally. Trust me, a lot of women overeat when they’re pregnant and the baby would get so big that they have to go through c-section. Plus, junk makes a woman more prone to high blood and diabetes- a big NO NO in pregnancy.
  • I ate healthy food– In contrary to what others think, I WAS ALWAYS FULL WHEN I WAS PREGNANT. I never starved myself “to keep my figure”. I ate every 2 hours but I always had something healthy to eat; fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, brown rice/brown bread (heavy carbs also gave me extreme heart burns that I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night), etc.
  • Genes– Mom, thank you. Hahaha! There was a time that I was worried why I didn’t look pregnant yet. So, I asked my doctor why. I was worried about Taziana’s size and development. My doctor told me that some women “pop” smaller than the others. Other than diet and activities, genes played a big role. My grandmother and my mom were also considered to be slim when they were pregnant.
  • I worked out at home– I have always been fond of working out even before pregnancy. I did the same home workout that I’ve been doing the past year. There were only a few workouts that I couldn’t do, such that the position would require me to lie on my stomach. Other than that, I was completely able to workout excellently. In fact, I feel that I’ve gotten stronger but preferred to wait until I have given birth to step up my game. When visitors see me workout, their jaw drops in so much surprise. They think that I might be in pain or that maybe I was giving Taziana a hard time. But studies show that working out is beneficial for both the mother and the baby.


After giving birth

First, let me show you a proof that I am not “just thin” and that I had a phase in life that I looked thin but actually had a lot to shred.

Top left- 4 days after giving birth, Top right- 2 weeks, Bottom left- 3 months, Bottom right- 9 months

I am a breastfeeding mom and breastfeeding will surely make you super hungry. Every time Taziana nurses, I feel like I need to eat. For the first few months, I allowed myself to indulge on my cravings as much I want to. My husband bought me sweets that I have always craved for. The result: fats. You see, people think that my figure is always so small but the truth is I get a good (I actually mean bad) amount of fats here and there, especially my butt and thighs.

  • Breastfeeding– Breastfeeding has been greatly beneficial not only for my daughter but also for me. Studies have shown that breastfeeding can burn calories. It also helps your uterus contract back to its normal size or somehow close to it.With the proper amount of healthy diet and exercise, breastfeeding will surely have a big contribution to weight loss.
  • I still eat healthy– After digging on tubs on ice cream, bag of chips, butter and sugar bread, packs of chocolates for months, I have decided to replace my unhealthy snacks with more nutritious ones. Like when I was pregnant, I started eating yogurt, rolled oats, peanut butter sandwiches and fruits again. My main courses would always contain a healthy amount of protein, carbs and a lot of veggies. And again, I AM ALWAYS FULL. I NEVER STARVE MYSELF. I eat at least 6 times a day and 9 times at most. So please, if you hear anyone tell you to eat a piece of cracker for breakfast, half a cup of viand for lunch and half a cup of oatmeal for dinner, do not listen to them.
  • I work out– After I got cleared by my doctor, I slowly tried to build up my strength again. I started with a little bit of walking, jogging until I got back to home workouts. I noticed that I have gotten a lot stronger so I decided to hit the gym. If you are planning to workout, listen to your body. It will know how much you can and cannot handle. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Whether you are pregnant or have just given birth, always get a clearance from your doctor. It is important that you know that your body is in a perfect condition to workout. Each pregnancy and each mom are different. Our bodies respond different from others.Make sure you have completely recovered.
  • I keep a strong mind set– I set my goals and work towards them. Right now, my goal is to gain weight. It is not as easy as it sounds. I need to lift and eat a lot more than I do now. With a strong mind set, I am able to say no to junk.
  • I do not deprive myself of my cravings– We all crave for junk once in a while. When I do, I give it to myself as a reward. My husband and I would allow ourselves to have one cheat meal in a week.

Like many moms, I have also gained weight and had unwanted fats after birth. Do not get me wrong, if your body has changed because you have brought life in this world, then you equally need to be admired for that. There is nothing wrong with weight gain. There is nothing wrong with seeing changes in your body. The best way of thinking is trying to live a healthy lifestyle for our babies.Set your goals and working on your own strength. Grow from there. As for me, I am working towards gaining weight and getting stronger in the gym. I wish I can go on and on and talk more about how I maintained my figure but I want to give those topics more attention and detail by making another post about them. Now that I have talked about the general points, stay tuned for most posts in the coming weeks. I would briefly discuss the following topics:

  • What I eat: my favorite healthy meals- I will tell you guys what and how much I eat and what I substitute I use for the not-so-healthy food.
  • My workout routine- I will share what home workout I used to do and what workout program I use now.

If you have more topics to suggest, leave a comment below. If you have more personal questions, you can reach me through my social media accounts that I will be linking below.

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert. I have discussed the things that personally worked for me.  Always consult a doctor before working out if you are pregnant or have just given birth.

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Photos by: Mark Oliveria

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