Taziana’s wardrobe is about 80% gifts and hand me downs. Elders have always advised us not to over spend on baby’s clothing. They told us to use the money on more important things or savings instead of splurging on clothes that they will quickly grow out of. She owns more cute dresses than pants and shorts. Of course, we love putting her in dresses- she is our princess!




The other month, though, her grandparents (Lola Mercy & Lolo William) gave her the most adorable pair of bright pink kicks! Sadly, these kicks don’t match most of her dainty dresses. If you have noticed her colorful outfit that we have posted on our social media accounts recently, the shoes complemented all other bright colors perfectly. But the shoes are not only good to match with vibrant colors, they appear to stand out more with simpler pieces.




There are many reasons why we are loving her shoes- they are lightweight, stylish and adorable! Don’t you wish you can wear them, too? Hahaha! The best part of her outfit is that it provides her comfort. At her age, she likes running, twisting, turning and rolling. So, this outfit is perfect for days when she spends a lot of her time playing.




During this day, we went to our cousins’ Mc Donalds Kiddie Crew graduation inside the UPLB Campus. Taziana looked so irresistibly cute and we just had to take a few shots! We had our brunch at Mc Donalds, accompanied her Tita Tami to  the doctor for a regular check up and went for groceries. People could not help but stare at this cutie!

What do you think about this simple, comfy and a-doooo-ra-ble outfit? Do you think adults can rock this, too? We’d like to give it a try but unfortunately, we could not find these kicks in adult size (here in the Philippines, at least).





PS. Don’t worry, guys. Mommy was just right beside/behind her. She was never left alone while photos were taken. 🙂

Photography by: Mark Oliveria


3 Comments Add yours

  1. gvcaplas says:

    Hi Great Mom! Taziana surely is very proud of you for making her a celebrity in her own brand and allowing her to influence the young niche and to spread her cuteness to the world! Definitely a fan here! :))


    1. Thank youuu! To us, it just feels like sharing our personal adventures to the world. That alone makes us happy. Thank you again. You are the sweetest! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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