Why You Should Have a Utility Jacket in Your Wardrobe

Hey, guys! It seems like it has been forever since we’ve been temporarily MIA. Even our instagram accounts aren’t as alive and active as it was but soon it will be; we promise. Mark has recently started uni and I have been completely hands on with Taziana. But, we are back with more amazing ideas so stay tuned. *wink!




Army Jackets/Military Jackets/Utility Jackets have dominated different stores worldwide. Even one brand has different styles and different kinds of army jackets. They vary from light, heavy, laid back, grungy, printed, ripped, etc. They just have tons of options! Before it was even as hyped as it is now, we already fell in love with it. Wanna know why?

  1. They are for everyone – both men and women can rock an army jacket. The pieces are not gender biased.
  2. It can spice up your basic outfit– on days that you want to pull off your basics (plain tees, pants, shorts), an army jacket can top off your look. Actually, it looks best with basic outfits because the more low key your outfit is, the more your army jacket can stand out
  3. The rainy season is back – have you experienced compromising wearing a heavy outfit during summer for the sake of dress code and style? We did once and it was uncomfortable! But this is the season to take out your jackets and sweaters and flaunt them without breaking a sweat.
  4. It is comfy to wear– this depends on the weather, of course. If you are in the Philippines, they will be good to wear from today until around February next year. Well, don’t take it literally. We mean, the weather will be a little bit cold on that period.
  5. They look amazing – what better reason to wear them than just knowing that they look fly!

Stating the obvious, we sort of pulled a “couple look” with our outfits but as always, we have a guy and a girl’s approach to it.

A guy





Treszka & I needed to turn up our wardrobe. I, specifically, needed a new set of pants. There was a big sale in H&M at SM South Mall and we knew we had to go! You guys probably know by now that H&M is one of our favorite brands. They have the best picks for the right price. Anyway, I was originally just in a hunt for a good pair of pants but Treszka walked up to me (almost like running haha!) holding a pile of sweaters and hoodies.  She asked me to try it all out and this long army hoodie was THE BEST of all. I fell in love with it. How much did it cost me?  600 PHP. I know, right? Such a steal!

The only reason why I looked forward to the rainy season: so I can wear this jacket. We thought, “Hey, these pieces are amazing. We should tell our friends about it.” And so we decided to make a post about it! I love wearing it best when I travel from Bulacan to Laguna (around 5-hour drive).

This piece just goes with everything (Especially basic clothes) and it is one of the most comfortable hoodies I have. You can wear this piece if you want to rock a hyper beast outfit or if you want your casual outfit to be more stylish with comfort!

A girl




I saw this jacket last January in H&M Gateway & I dieeed! Well, I didn’t. I just screamed and jumped around. I ran to my best friend totally hyped about it. I said, “OH GOSH! I will save up for this! This is so beautiful!” He probably didn’t get all my girl talk about it but he agreed that the jacket did look so fly. It was more expensive than the rest of the pieces and I never shop for clothes unplanned. Meaning to say, that if I want to go shopping, I prepare my budget at least a month before. My budget is always planned so all my money was destined for more important things that month. So, I told myself that I need to save up for 2 months to get that jacket and hoped that it would still be beautifully hanged at the store.

Then, for Valentines day, my best friend brought home a gift. I opened it and there it was. I jumped and gave him the biggest hug! I got it a month and a half earlier than expected. (Thank you for the gift, Marky. Hehe!) This is now my favorite jacket for 2 reasons: First, it’s a special gift from my husband. Second, well uhm, I actually have 5 reasons listed above. That’s more than 2 reasons. Oooops. *wink

Last July 31 2016, I watched Selena Gomez’s concert with my sister. I had nothing to wear! (Come on, girls. When will our clothes ever be enough?!) I had a few outfits in mind but it was too laid back for a concert. So, I just wore my grey shorts, black top & white chucks. I had to give it a kick with this jacket and I gotta say, it worked. It was an extremely rainy day so I am glad I had it with me. This jacket is eve-ry-thing. No joke.

I know utility jackets are a liiiittle bit pricier than the others. It depends on the material and the brand. There are jackets you can get for a reasonable price but it is absolutely worth the cash.

More details about the outfit




Shirt- H&M | Jacket- H&M| Pants- H&M | Shoes- Converse





Tank top- Chicabooti| Jacket- H&M| Pants- Topshop| Shoes- Converse


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