We’re guessing we’re not the only couple who enjoys a little chow down when on dates. There’s nothing like sweet talks over flavourful food. Although the talking decreases when you’re too busy enjoying the taste of the food. Haha! When Mark was still 10 hours drive away and I was still in Manila, he gets to take me out only at least once every month. So our goal is always to eat the most delicious food. And of course, satisfy our cravings. There were plenty of choices in the city. We just had to ride the LRT or a cab for a couple of minutes and we were able to have Mexican, Japanese, Korean or American food. It was a little bit more of a challenge when we started staying  in Laguna. There are a lot of food chains around the University of the Philippines Los Banos campus but only few really felt and tasted unique and unforgettable.

Because of not-so-good experiences, Mark and I always opt to go to our “usual” and order the “usuals”. Nothing too wrong with this, really. But we knew we had to try out different places. My sister, Tracy, is a UP student so she knows a lot of places to suggest. She suggested Stable and we dined here for the first time with her. The food was definitely a winner and we planned on sharing about this new found treasure with our friends. However, we wanted to be more detailed and honestly, because we had dinner there, our pictures were not at their best because of the lighting. So we told each other that we have to come back and try more dishes. And we did! It took longer than expected but here it is!

I gotta say that I am all about wings and Mark is all about burger (next to pizza). These are one of our many favourite food so we were extremely thrilled when we saw the menu. The biggest question, though, was if they were able to deliver the taste properly? The answer is YES, YES, YES.





I am a big fan of fries and Parmesan. Put them together and it is a perfect match! I strongly suggest that you try this out if you are heading to Stable. This is now officially one of my favorite appetizers during cheat days.




We ordered 2 appetizers because I am not the biggest fan of potatoes. Unless they are super crispy. Otherwise, the consistency will give my tongue a weird feeling, making me want to gag. Haha! But that’s for all potatoes, even the most flavourful french fries. Anyway, these nachos were topped with ground Wagyu. It was served warm and crunchy. I can still taste it right now. Ugh! Craving!




We went for a pound. We had a chance to pick 3 different flavors and we went for Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan and Spicy. Each flavour was amazing but my personal favorite is Garlic Parmesan. The taste of tabasco was on the Spicy flavour so I’m guessing they had it in there- which was perfect for me because I luuuurve Tabasco! I wish I could go into detail about how luscious they were. There were so much flavour in them and each bite felt like heaven. They provide disposable gloves so you can dive in, use your hands, get messy and enjoy your meal. It’s best paired with their Chipotle rice.





The burger that I ordered is called “Holy Cow!” and it is made of  one-third wagyu patty, bacon, onions and other veggies and it tastes INCREDIBLE. I would definitely order it again when we go back.  The patty is really juicy and I couldn’t help myself but eat non-stop because it is the BOMB! Which is why Treszka didn’t have the chance to taste the burger. HAHAHA. As Treszka said, I am all about burgers (next to my #1 fave, pizza). So she let me enjoy all of it. Hahaha!




We don’t feel cheated on this one. The consistency is thick and they really did use Nutella and Oreo. C’mon, we all had that drink that had claimed to have Nutella and Oreo. Welp, they do. Except it feels like they only used a drop along with A LOT of shaved ice. NOT ON STABLE’S VERSION. This one gets two thumbs up! The drink is definitely sweet, though. So you will still need water every now and then.



Treszka suggested fried oreos. It was my first time to have one. And guess what? IT WAS AMAZING.  If only I wasn’t too full, I would have ordered another one. One of the best desserts I had.


I used to make home made fried oreos but it this one is nothing like it. I gotta say, this one is a bit (okay, A LOT) better. I am guessing that it is oreo coated with pancake batter. The coating was crisp and the oreo inside was a little bit chewy. It was absolutely a perfect pair of texture. It was topped with vanilla ice cream which quickly melted because the oreos were served warm. This dessert is more delicious than it looks.





The place was really simple. It was clean and cool inside. We personally think that the interior can still be improved but it was not bad either. However, it would be a great plus if they worked on the interior a bit more.

The staff were very friendly and accommodating. For the few times we have been here, the place is not usually packed but we think that’s because we didn’t go during peak hours. They say that the place gets filled with students at times.

With everything we ordered, our bill was only around PHP 1,000! And we can say it is absolutely affordable and student-friendly. They also have budget meals. They have wings and rice for only PHP 100. Stable Wagyu and Wings is a must try!

Have you tried dining here? What are your thoughts?


Stable is located at LB Square Parkway, Lopez Avenue, Los Banos, Laguna

Stable’s Facebook Page

Stable’s Instagram Account




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