Life Update: The Blog is Back!

Heyyy, guys! It has been a while! Or it hasn’t. We’ve probably stayed connected through facebook. Last week I have asked many of you for your opinion on bringing the blog back because it comes with both pro’s and con’s. The opinions were almost split in half, which gave way for us to see both ends and give the final decision to what the Lord wants. And here it is. We are back. It just seems like we have a bigger chance to grow here, and more freedom to put up what we want. Also, thinking long term & making our passion also our career, our own website will be much better.

Changes on the blog: all fitness and just doing life will be up on Youtube. While personal posts about marriage, parenting, fashion, and beauty will remain here. Food wouldn’t be a main goal- besides, we are health enthusiasts. Hehe!

I know it would be harder to reach those who are on free facebook but it is a growth we all have to take; not just on this blog but in over all learning. We must know how to go out of our ways a little to be able create, share, and learn. If you find certain posts helpful, it would really mean a lot if you go the extra mile- or meter (hehe. It only takes a while) to share, tag, or screen shot and send as personal messages to those who need it, or just leave it on your wall if you think it might be helpful to someone, just like we always do.

That’s the first update: the blog is back. A whole lot more has happened.


  • She turned two this September 12, 2017!
  • She’s learning how to speak basic Korean. Hahaha. Mark & I are fond of watching K dramas and we dream of being able to travel to Korea. I tried to “jokingly” teach her but kids are so smart, she picked up so easily! Well, she just says mom and dad in Korean but it feels like a big thing for me. Hehe.
  • She attended her first official Halloween party which was held at my sister in law’s office and she brought home so much candies! She shared it with my youngest sister and the kids near our building.


  • It’s his last semester in college! Yay! This semester, he is so busy with his thesis and on the job training and he oftens comes home exhausted. He spends the entire day studying and working.
  • On September, I had a sincere talk with Mark about my passion for content creating and sharing. I wanted to know if he really supported me or just wanted to do his best to support me. I was starting to feel uncomfortable with how opposite we are when it comes to this because I like talking and I like people and for a while it seemed like he didn’t because of his quietness. But turns out, he loves connection and sharing as much as I do! He particularly said he wanted to get used to vlogging and connecting to others by being a part of my vlogs and posts. And from there, he wanted to naturally grow. A little secret is that someday, he also considers being a content creator on youtube. I know he’ll get there. Hehe.
  • He went flimsy on his diet. I did, too. But my genetics permit me to do much more without so much physical manifestation. His 16lbs weight gain has started becoming visible. We don’t know what exactly happened. The last leg of the year was absolutely challenging for us, emotionally, physically, and financially. I guess all the worrying and work we had to do had taken a toll on us. But no worries, he is back on track.



  • It’s my last year in college! Which means, it’s only this semester and one more semester to go. It’s really hard to claim anything in my university’s Medical Laboratory Science department; the standards are really high. But if it is God’s will, with enough perseverance, I will be graduating next October.
  • I got out of the “underweight” zone! I am now 110 lbs but that’s just the borderline for my height. I want to be able to reach 115 lbs by bulking and start shedding the fats. Like Mark, I have been passive on my diet, which slowed down my weight gain. But no worries, now that I have grown inside, it’s time to give attention to health.
  • I have been reading this book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and it has really been speaking to my heart. I think it’s my favorite book this year! I’ll finish it soon and I will absolutely share my reflections about it here. šŸ˜‰
  • My heart is still struggling because I am being impatient in pursuing passion as my career. I just want to be able to create and share full time already! But still, this season of my life is all about patience and loving the unlovable. I have to keep trusting the Lord that it is not about being there with speed but being there with character. If I can’t do it full time yet, it must be for a good reason.


As a family, As a couple

  • We moved apartments! This has been the greatest struggle we had during the last quarter of the year. We absolutely loved our old place. It had everything we needed and wanted. But it costs us more than we can afford and it was time to “down grade”. I have cried about this for days because I just wasn’t ready to “step down”. When we moved, I kept praying for peace. But as days passed by, it turns out that our new place is actually much much much better! We get to have fellowship with our family and we have more freedom to do what we want as a family. Our old place is very strict. We couldn’t cook, couldn’t have family over without having it processed and approved of. I actually did a vlog about this whole move. It should be out next week. So watch out for that. Hehe.
  • We had our first ever family travel. Well, locally at least. But still! God has been so faithful in providing for us. That trip to Baguio was really a big chance for us to get even closer to each other. We want to make travelling a part of our yearly tradition but only if circumstances and resources allow. We have to delay certain things for a while and focus on growth as we slowly transition from being students to unemployed next year. But we firmly believe that God’s timing is the best timing.
  • I am running the blog. Since Mark has expressed more interest in handling business and supporting the blog, I committed to do most, if not all, of the writing.
  • We have started going to church regularly. Funny that we have been in the Lord for years now but have only developed the healthy habit of going to church regularly just this September. Why? Because we are everywhere! Sometimes we are in Laguna, sometimes we are in Manila (during the weekends). We only get to watch services online. But since September, we were given a schedule that is very much favorable for us to be able to make Sundays a day for the Lord. Well, every day is. But you know what I mean. Ever since this happened, our relationship has drawn even closer and closer.
  • Every Sunday has become family and fellowship day too. No wonder it has become everyone’s favorite day of the week. Hehe.
  • Everyone is busy. Taziana still stays in Laguna from Monday to Friday morning. I pick her up on Fridays, Mark drop her on Sunday afternoons. Mark and I spend our Mondays to Fridays studying. We spend the entire day apart, have dinner together, have a few moments of chit chats, and sleep. Everything is still blessing after blessing. Even all the things that busy! What joy to be able to go to a well known university and soon be graduating from it, too! It surely comes with a price (hard work and sacrifices) but it is also surely a great blessing. But that’s the reason why the posts haven’t been coming in as regularly.Ā  However, a few weeks ago, I lifted up my worries to the Lord; how I missed creating and sharing. Long story short, I learned about priorities, time management, and pursuing passion. Meaning, I will be actively blogging.Ā 


That’s it for the last quarter of the year! I just figured I needed to let you guys know how we have been before I start blogging again. As for our hearts… we’re always challenged just like everyone else but we are sincerely loving the growth and molding that the Lord is continuously doing in us.

Btw, this series is called Our Lives, Our Hearts and I will be writing every quarter as a life update of what is going down in our lives and hearts so far. But, IĀ  want to hear from you. I missed you. How are you? You can leave a comment or you can message me. I’d really love to hear from you.




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