Why Do We Hate “Today”?

Do you ever find yourself waking up every morning and the first thought you have is, “I can’t wait until this day is over”? The week hasn’t started yet and your mind is already so boggled up with deadlines for tomorrow, the day after that, the week after, and so on. Is Friday your favorite day? Is going home your favorite time of the day? Are mornings too much for you? Does the thought of today paralyze you?

Yes. My answer is yes.

My favorite day of the week used to be “tomorrow”. My favorite day is anything but today. Today has so much deadlines. Today has so much tasks and no rest. Today demands so much from me. I can’t keep up. With this mind set, everything felt harder for me. Every day, I wake up at around 3:30 am to study. On a regular day, I have 2-4 quizzes. I start the day unmotivated and I go home drained and discouraged. This has been my lifestyle ever since I reached the third year of Medical Laboratory Science. It has been a cycle.

One day I found myself asking the Lord, “why is it so hard? Why am I so unhappy? You must have placed me here for a reason. Why can’t I know the reason now? I know you’ve called me for sharing and creating. I know you’ve designed me for blogging and vlogging. But why do You let me stay here? Why can’t I be there NOW?”

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

I am very blessed because I finally discovered my calling. But the Lord still wants me to learn. He doesn’t want my just presence to be there, he wants me to be there fruitfully. He wants me to learn patience, sacrifice, hard work, discipline, all of which are being practiced in my current season. Though I am not sure exactly why the Lord has placed me in the field of science when all my other talents are on creating and communicating, I trust that the Lord never make accidents and that He wouldn’t let me be here for absolutely no reason. It’s one of the revelations that I am truly looking forward to.

Another thing that the Lord taught me is to be joyful in the process. And that means loving every day, every moment, every trial, every triumph… including TODAY. If I can’t learn how to love the process, then I would never be joyful and satisfied. If I can’t learn how to trust the process, then getting there would have of little value.

So, how do we love today? Why should we even love today?

Today is the tomorrow we have always been praying for

Do you remember about 5 or 10 years ago, when you prayed and longed for this day? When we were in elementary, we looked forward to going to High School. In High School, we look forward to graduating and going to university. In College, we can’t wait to graduate and be able to work. In adult life, we want to be children again. You’ve dreamed of today. And now today is here, why don’t you enjoy it? Why do you always ask for tomorrow? 

Today only happens once

There is not one day that will be similar to today. I’ve lived for 22 years and not one Christmas were exactly alike. And because today is unique, you can expect a lot of new adventures. Yes, we go to school/work almost the same time every day and we do have a routine. But look closer. The moment we step out of our homes, we see different things, encounter different situations, meet different people.

Today has a gift for you

Today can bring either of these things to you: a lesson or a reward. It’s either a day of planting or a day of harvest. A day of planting is when you encounter trials that would plant seeds in your heart with lessons and learning. A day of harvest is when you finally learn, the product of your hard work, patience, and endurance will now bloom. You can’t harvest when nothing was planted in the first place. What will happen today, will make a beautiful impact on what will happen tomorrow. No wonder why today is so important.

Today is a new chance

Isn’t it wonderful how God’s grace is new every morning? Yes, you can become a new person over night! Big change or small change, the person you are today is no longer who you were yesterday. Every thing is new today. Today, you can always start with a better perspective, wiser decisions, happier vibes.

Today is where God wants you to be

You know why you aren’t where you want to be right now? Because you are not yet ready. God is preparing you for that big moment in your life. Not only does God want you to be fruitful in that season, God wants you to be able to enjoy that season to the fullest. Imagine you are a fresh graduate in an entry level job, then, the next day you get promoted to becoming the company’s CEO. Will you be happy? Of course. But will that happiness last? I don’t think so. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy the promotion to the fullest because first, you know you aren’t ready for a bigger responsibility. Second, you have missed the lessons and journey on your climb up there; you have no experiences to look back to. Third, you got the title but you didn’t get the right heart.

This was my struggle. I keep asking for “tomorrow”, I keep pressuring myself to get there already. But now, I’m slowly walking on that path and on my way there, I keep discovering more of myself and more of God’s plan for me. Things I wouldn’t know if I took the shortcut. 

I really like what Rick Warren said in The Purpose Driven Life, “You may not be where you want to be yet, but you are definitely not where you used to be”.

So everyday when I wake up, the first thing I think about is “Lord, what do you have in store for me today? I am excited”. I can have four quizzes a day but I slowly take my time, getting tasks done one by one. At the end of the day I get to to myself, “Wow. You did it! You thought you couldn’t but you did!” 

I’ve also stopped worrying about tomorrow so much. If I worry about all the “tomorrows”, I will never stop. And to be honest, it could make a person go crazy! I will be so occupied worrying about tomorrow that I will start forgetting about how important today is. And when “tomorrow” finally becomes “today”, I would think about a new “tomorrow” again. Ending? All my days will become passive. All my days will not bear much fruit. 

Stop asking for tomorrow too much. Today is your day. Today is the day you have been waiting for. Today is yours to claim. Today you can do new things. Today is the tomorrow you have been waiting for. 

When you learn how to love “today”, you will learn how to love the rest of your life.

Live one day at a time.

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

Matthew 6:34

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  1. Reminissy says:

    Amen, praise God! Thank you so much for sharing, I enjoyed reading this so much. It was exactly what I needed to lift my spirit. I too used to wake up dreading the day, but you’re right God does have so much more in store for us! We just must wait on Him, he is always on time!


    1. Hiiii! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. 💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sharon says:

    Great post! Certainly a lot to think about. Even in my own journey, which is on the right track…I still have a hard time with “today”. It’s time for me to do a little self-reflection….and learn to enjoy today for what it is!! To accept the new opportunities that each ‘today’ can uncover! God Bless!!


    1. Hi, Sharon! I’m glad it helped. I think to be able to love “today”, we have to practice loving it. Its not something that happens naturally but it is definitely possible. Its an every day mind set we have to build. 💜 thank you so so so much! God bless you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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