Highlights of 2017: Risk Taking


  • I finally cut my hair short. I’ve always had this very long hair ever since I was little, and if I ever did go medium length, it would be because of mishaps at the salon. But this year I finally stepped out of the comfort zone and reminded myself of what my favorite beauty guru, Michelle Phan, said “life is too short to have one look”. I ended up cutting it even shorter in April. And I am so glad I did!
  • Mark had his haircut in a Korean salon for the first time. I took him to my favorite salon, BANGS Prime by Tony and Jackey. He was so satisfied with his haircut, he is now a regular here. Hehe.
  • We met friends that we could keep for life. Friends who we share life with. Friends who also love the Lord. It’s really funny cause all men of this group are “Marks”. Hehe.
  • This year I also started risking in blogging, in sharing my life, and building my commitment to it. Though I had moments where I stopped or wanted to stop, this was the start of my turning point. This was the season when God called me to reach out and share more of my heart and His work in my life.


  • We celebrated Valentine’s Day at home and it was awesome! We set up a blanket fort and bought all of our favorite snacks and had a movie marathon.


  • Taziana got her first ever haircut. I’ve been begging Mark to finally agree for her to get a haircut. He wants Taziana a long hair that we can braid. I negotiated with, “that time will come. For now, it’s all about looking adorable and cute!”. Hence, the apple cut with exaggerated bangs. It was inspired by a Kim Bok Joo from a Korean series.


  • I turned 22. Mark made it so special, we celebrated as a family in Hotel 88 Resort in Laguna. Laguna is my hometown and I didn’t realize that we had so many beautiful must visit places that I haven’t gone to. This place was one of them. It was a blast.
  • It was our first time attending a youth camp together. To be honest, it felt like we grew too old for it. It was amazing to have fun and celebrate God’s love but in that youth camp, God called us for more. So, we started aiming for more camps and more seminars that is more adult friendly. Because… #howtoadult. Huhu.
  • For the first time, I had lunch and coffee date with girls I met online. I can’t even explain how happy this made me! I was able to share my heart with others while they shared theirs with me. I value their time, trust, and effort so much. I wish I can do this more often.


  • Taziana got chicken pox. I was so worried at first but they said that it was better for her to be exposed at this age because she wouldn’t have to miss so much academic activities and that her youthful skin would still heal beautifully.
  • My mom signed her up for Jollibee Mini Managers Camp along my other cousins (who are close to her age). She was still too young to be able to really get the tasks done but she definitely had fun! She dres, she colored, she made burgers, and had Jollibee meals. Mark was super proud during “graduation day”, too. Hahaha. I love how cute Mark is as a dad. He was really eager to see her “graduate” and sincerely congratulated her after. Hahaha. I love it when he’s like that!
  • It was my 3rd mother’s day. The first one was when I was pregnant. The second one was when Taziana was too small to even realize. The third one is the best so far. They gave me a rose and smothered me with kisses. We celebrated in a resort  and celebrated with all the other moms of the family.
  • We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in Subic. Our anniversary is actually June 25 but we had to celebrate earlier because school will start the following month. This was really big for us because having Taziana early meant putting everything on hold for a while, which meant that we couldn’t go out as far and as often as we would wish. This year, Taziana is now a little bit bigger and can now be left with family members. We spent two days and one night in Subic and looked back to how far we have come.


  • Back to reality. After spending many weeks with Taziana every day, we had to go back to Manila again to pursue studies. This is one of the hardest sacrifices we make.
  • This marked Mark’s last year in college.
  • We celebrated our wedding anniversary again, but this time, on its actual day. Mark drove Taziana and I to Tagaytay and had dinner at Charito’s by Bag of Beans. Mark and I had fun, but it seemed like our third wheel, Taziana, enjoyed a lot more. Hehe.
  • I slipped and broke my foot. I had to be carried by my husband and my friends to my classes. Even though my doctor was ready to give me a medical clearance, I knew that if I missed classes I would have a high chance of flunking my subjects. Medical Laboratory Science is not very easy. And I was not willing to waste my daughter’s and my parents’ sacrifices for me. The good side of it though, was I got to be served by my husband. I loved how manly he was every time he would carry me up to my class on the 4th floor every day. He gets tired, but I love how he never complained. I love how he takes care of me.


  • Mark turned 22! His birthday was on a weekday but luckily, I didn’t have a class. I surprised him by picking up Taziana all the way to Laguna so that we could celebrate his day together.
  • We had our first ever “Family Sunday”. I have dreamed of this ever since I was young. The “norm” that not everyone gets to enjoy. We attended CCF together as a family for the first time and headed to the mall after to have lunch and stroll around the mall. So grateful to the Lord for this simple yet very meaningful gift of family and love.


  • Mark represented his college, the School of Science and Technology during our university’s sports fest at the Araneta Coloseum. I was so proud of him! When he told me that he was going to join, he was hesitant. He’s a really shy guy and thinking of standing in front of around a thousand of people was too much for him. But I told him, “hey, you are not going to get this chance again. This is one of the fun things to remember to look back to when you remember your college life”. Seeing him represent his college was fun, but it was seeing him face his fears that I enjoyed most.


  • Taziana turned two. Before her day, we asked our professors if we could miss one class so we could spend one day with our daughter. To be honest, we don’t like skipping classes, especially me. I wouldn’t mind going to school even if I was sick. I really wanted to save this absence for the one that mattered to me most- my daughter. Our professors were kind enough to support us, but when the day came, classes ended up being suspended. So, we didn’t really miss any school activity. Yay! We celebrated at the Unicorn Dreams Cafe. The place was so cute and we had it all to ourselves.
  • One of our favorite highlights of the year was that starting my sister in law’s birthday, we started attending church and having family day together every Sunday (with her and her boyfriend). We have been having Family Day every Sunday ever since. Our bond has deepened and now, we are not only physical family but also spiritual family. I keep thanking God for making this happen.


  • We had our first out of town family trip in Baguio.
  • We got married again. Haha. We actually just renewed our vows. We have been praying so hard to be able to afford a couples retreat. As students, we can’t afford this certain amount of money instantly. We made a deal that we would save 500 to 1,000 pesos every month so that we could go next year. But guess what? God is faithful and He honors the heart of those who belong to Him. A week after, we received a messaged asking us if we want to go to the retreat for free. Of course we did! I wanted to thank whoever God’s instrument was, but it wasn’t something they would openly say. If you ever get to read this, Ma’am/Sir, thank you so so so so much. It didn’t go to waste, we promise!
  • Taziana attended a Halloween party at my sister in law’s company and she brought home lots of sweets! Lots and lots of them.


  • This marks my last year in college while it is Mark’s last semester in college.
  • We moved apartments. This was such a burden to us at first, but it turns out, the Lord was leading us to a much better place! Lesson? Trust in the Lord even if you are not sure of the outcome.
  • We started reading the Purpose Driven Life. I can’t wait to share my reflections from this! I’m starting this week.
  • December
  • So far, the only highlight we could say is that on the 31st, we might be celebrating the New Years here in Manila instead of being in my parents’ home in Laguna. We have decided that it would be good to be present in our “own home” which is our dorm. Hehe.

And that is how our year went! There were a lot more to be honest, and I would love to talk about it but I don’t want to take too much of your time. It would be nice to hear how your year went, too. Are you excited about 2018? I am!


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