Hi, everyone! Yesterday was our 2nd year anniversary in blogging! When we started THE OLIVERIASin 2016, our goal was to share our life and learning to our friends and maybe extend our stories to others. We first tried exploring fashion and a few restaurant reviews but at that time we felt that we were a little all over the place. I sat down in prayer and asked the Lord why He gave me this desire to start creating and sharing when I don’t even know where to start or if somebody will ever read what I write. The Lord affirmed me with, “if at least one person will be moved by the story of my works in your life, then that is enough. I will make you capable. Start from your heart. Later on, extend to the other things that make you who you are- your desire for fashion, fitness, and lifestyle. But start from your heart”. And so I did. I focused more on family, personal lessons, and my spiritual life. Our plan is to graduate first, then, slowly tackle the other things that makes us- us.

We decided to have a mini celebration by doing a Q&A. All the questions that you guys sent through facebook and instagram will be answered in this blog post. Hehe.

  1. Where did you get the idea of naming your blog “The Oliverias”?

Actually, we spent quite some time brainstorming with family and friends on what blog name they think is best. We opted for names related to fashion and family but all of them seemed so limited. We wanted a blog name that would give us freedom to share and express our real and whole selves. Then, I remembered the name of Mark and his sisters’ wifi name; “ItsTheOls”. When we thought of “the Oliverias”, it just seemed to carry who we are and who we could potentially be. Since we were and still are in the stage of learning about ourselves and our lives.

2. What’s your favorite color?

Mine is purple. Mark’s is turquoise.

3. Did you expect that your posts would go viral?

No. Honestly, NOT AT ALL. I’ve been blogging in a different (solo) platform before and I’ve always had a thing for sharing with long captions. I just enjoy sharing and talking about how great the day went or how we were able to overcome certain challenges. One day, I just woke up with a lot of response and messages because of one photo I posted. That’s when I realized how much love and encouragement this world needs. But as I said on the intro, our goal really is just one heart. To be able to share to two, twenty, two hundred… they are really more than enough. Each heart touched will always be an honor.

4. When are you guys graduating?

Mark is graduating this April 2018! I’m graduating this October but since I’m an Octoberian, I’ll officially be done on April 2019.

5. How do you do your devotions? Do you use a specific guide?

I don’t have specific guides. I just flip through the pages of the bible and find a verse that speaks to me. Then, I write it down on my journal. I use these as my guide questions: what does this verse mean? What is the Lord trying to tell me? Knowing this, what must I do?

6. How did you and Mark meet?

We met in Dubai. Mark was born there and I moved there when I was in grade 4. We were school mates. When Mark was in grade 5 (I was in grade 6), he introduced himself to me and we’ve been friends ever since.

7. Who is busier? How do you make time for each other?

Hands down, I AM BUSIER. Hahaha! I usually wake up at 3 am every morning and my course really demands a lot of time from me. Since I spend more than half of my day studying, I make sure 1-2 hours of that goes to marriage. Because marriage is the most important relationship in my life and it’s just as important as career. Every night, we spend at least an hour catching up, cuddling, or just watching half an episode of korean drama. It also takes the stress away!

8. Do you guys have frequent date nights?

Ideally, we’d love to have weekly date nights. It strengthens marriage a lot more. But since we lack the time and budget because we are still students, we go for a monthly date night plus devo’s every Wednesday. On Wednesdays, we either attend our couple’s group, read books together, take a walk around our place, Mark cooks something delicious, or watch a movie. Wednesday is our day. Then, once a month we go out on a real date. Hehe.

9. What’s your height?

I am 5″3.

10. How do you manage your time when it comes to fitness and taking care of your daughter?

Since I started school, Taziana spends the weekdays in our province, Laguna. So I hit the gym after class. But there are also days when Taziana spends a week with us in Manila. During those times, Mark and I take turns. I hit the gym in the morning and he hits the gym in the afternoon. When I was a full time house wife, my mom, my lola, or her nanny would look after her for 1-2 hours while I hit the gym. I do my best to be strong and healthy for my family. That’s why taking care of myself is a priority for me.

12. Do you go to CCF?


13. How do you keep your relationship with Mark strong? How do you not get bored?

Mark and I have been best friends for a long time, so, being married is just a really big level up to that friendship. Because the root of our marriage is the Lord and its foundation is friendship, we don’t really get bored. It’s easy for us to enjoy simple things together- watching Kdramas, doing devos, playing online games, or really just laying down and cracking jokes. Hehe. On Mark’s part, I think it really helps that he does his best to pursue me. Because our communication is so open, it’s easy for us to tell each other whenever we feel like one of us is lacking time, attention, or affection. “I love it when you surprise me. I love it when you cook for me. I love it when we cuddle before we start our day”. Those things really help.

14. Where do you get your hair cut?

Mark and I get our hair cut at Bangs Prime by Tony and Jackey. It’s a Korean salon and we love it there because they go with whatever style we tell them and they know what they are doing. They are also very precise and detailed. Hehe.

15. Is “one meal a day” kind of diet effective for weight loss?

Any type of diet that would make you eat less than your maintenance calorie will make you lose weight. Even if that’s proper diet, ketogenic, crash dieting, etc. But the question for me always is, what quality of weight loss are you aiming for? If you are aiming for a long term and healthy way for weight loss, then you should aim to reach all the macros (carbs, protein, fats) that you need for weight loss without going to low. OMAD is effective, but will that make you happy? After all, it’s about living a happy and healthy life style.

16. What type of diet are you currently on?

Mark and I do intermittent fasting. It’s very effective but you have to be careful with “short instructions” you see on facebook. There’s a lot more to intermittent fasting than having an “eating window”. We still hit our macronutrients and micronutrients.

17. How do you manage your time- school, baby, hubby, etc?

I plan my week ahead and I spend less time procrastinating. My loved ones help me, too. It’s very hard to do it on my own. On weekdays, Taziana stays with my mom in Laguna. My regular weekday schedule is to wake up at 3 am, go to school at 6 am, come home at 3 pm, nap until 5 pm, hit the gym until 6:30 pm, dinner with Mark at 7 pm (it’s the time of the day we sit down and really talk. It’s a must for us to eat dinner together), do my devo/ finalize some homework at 7:30 pm, bond with Mark at 8 pm, sleep at 9 pm. While I’m at school, I do all possible homework I can do and review. I have lunch for 15 mins and continue with my work so that I don’t have to take home a lot of tasks. I like planning my days and week ahead.

18. How did you know Mark was the one the Lord made for you?

First really is through prayers. I spent a lot of time asking the Lord for protection and wisdom in our relationship. Then, I observed our relationship. Our relationship has always clicked despite our differences. We bring out the best in each other and we challenge each other to get closer to the Lord. There weren’t any red flags. On the contrary, we were all the more affirmed that we’d be doing life together because each areas of our lives and hearts matched no matter how different we were. There was just so much peace in our relationship.

19. Who is the more jealous type?

I’d say Mark. But he doesn’t really get jealous about petty things and he trusts my friendship with the opposite sex a lot. We rarely deal with jealousy. Maybe because we have enough trust for each other and we don’t put ourselves in a situation that would cause the other person to be jealous.

20. Where do you usually shop?

I don’t shop a lot. The last time I bought something was about 6 months ago. Haha! But whenever I shop, I go for HnM, For Me, or divisoria. I’m hands down all for ukay-ukay.

21. What’s your biggest insecurity?

My skin. I always break out and the reasons for my break out are so hard to avoid: lack of sleep and stress.

22. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?

I see myself being able to share more closely to others. I want to earn enough to hold more coffee dates with the girls I get to know through social media and really get to know their hearts up close. Then, I see myself blogging full time and being able to regularly incorporate fashion and fitness in this platform.

23. What do you and Mark usually fight about?

We don’t really have fights where we shout and say bad things to each other. But we do have little arguments and have “cold wars”. It’s mostly about using the wrong tone. We can mean the sweetest and kindest thing but when we don’t deliver it with proper tone, it seems aggressive. We’re always working on that. We just say, “you don’t have to say it that way. Why are you upset about that?” and the other one would clear him/herself about what his/her intent actually is.

24. What’s the sweetest thing Mark has ever done for you?

There are soooo many! My favorite ones are when he traveled for 13 hours with flowers and a teddy bear from Bicol to Manila just to apologize to me. And when he prepared candles on the floor, cake, and put up our pictures for my late birthday surprise.

25. How do you become consistent with your walk with the Lord? In all honesty, have you spent each and every day pleasing Him?

I spend my every day in prayer. I always communicate with Him whether through deep and long prayers or really just telling Him even my smallest delights and frustrations. To be honest, there are days that my spiritual life and days when it seems like my “busy life” is taking over. But in all honesty too, I spend every day in pursuit of His heart. I’m not perfect every day and there are some days that I really fail but what I love most about the Lord is how He gives me grace every day and delights in both my strengths and weaknesses. He is always within reach whenever I fail and whenever I succeed. My walk is not perfect and I don’t think I’ll ever stop growing and learning, but every day I seek the heart of the Lord. It’s the very reason why I am able to stand strong amidst all the trials and hardships in life and the very reason why I am able to see many opportunities and blessings.

There you go, guys! Thank you so much for sending your questions. Do you have any suggestions for our next Q&A? Maybe we can do them once in a while. You can leave your questions in the comment section. Hehe.

Most importantly, thank you guys for letting us be a small part of your lives. It means so much whenever you reach out to us. It means so much that you trust us with your heart. It means so so so much whenever you share our stories and tag your friends- this has always been one of the greatest ways for us to reach people who need encouragement. This has and always been for the glory of the Lord. Whenever we experience His grace and deliverance (every day we do), we feel like we owe it to you and to the Lord to share these amazing experiences.

Thank you for going through life with us! I hope we can grow closer together.



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  1. Jem says:

    Woaaaah! Hi Ate! So inspiring esp. the last answer about your consistency with your walk with the Lord. I want to hear more about your faith with the Lord ❤ So inspiring, hearts!! ❤ hehe


    1. Thank you soooo much babeee. Hehehe


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