Hi! I am Treszka Oliveria, the heart and hands behind the blog posts of The Oliverias. The Oliverias first started way back March 2016 with the aim to share our lessons, stories, tips, and journey to our family and friends. The Lord has been very faithful and has honored with the desires of our hearts and has extended the hearts we had to many other people. At first, we aimed to blog primarily for fashion with  few personal stories. We stopped blogging in this website for a while and focused on facebook blogging for a couple of months. But now, we are back.

What stays the same? It is still our open diary. It is still genuine. It is still for the purpose of being able to reach out to others. We will still share about fashion and beauty every now and then, but a lot is about to change.

What’s new? Now, we intend to get really personal. The main reason we blog now is to honor the Lord and show the goodness of His heart amidst the reality of life, temptations, and growth. We aim to show the reality of life and love and how all trials and hardships can still be lifted up and be used for the glory of the Lord.

This blog is for the joyful, the hopeful, the faithful, the broken, the lost… it is for real human beings who feel joy, pain, happiness, love, confusion. It is for everyone.

Each post is a piece of our hearts and a glimpse of God’s masterpiece.

Through this blog, we want you to be part of our small family. We hope for you to feel our delight, to see us overcome our challenges and learn from them, to share our glory with each achievement, or simply just to be there in our daily dealings with life. We hope that we can inspire you the way you have inspired us.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jay Colby says:

    You have a great blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jay! 😀


  2. Sharon Faye Panizales says:

    Your photos are great! Who’s taking them?


    1. Awh. Thank you! Whenever we take a couple’s photo, its usually Treszka’s sister. When its just an individual, its just us who takes shots of each other 😀


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